Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mental Map instructions with 2nd edition pages

Mental Map: Imperialism

Produce a map that reveals the major developments in global trade, imperialism and conflict.

Use color to indicate the major powers and their colonial holdings around the world. (See map in Imperialism in Africa handout for part of this.)

Be sure to have a key and a title.

Refer to the following pages in Bentley when preparing the assignment: chapter 30 - pages 779-782, chapter 33 - all, chapter 34 - pages 883-885.

(Bentley 2nd Edition Chapter 31 – pages 863-868, Chapter 34 – ALL, Chapter 35 – 972-976)

Focus ideas: results of the contraction of the Ottoman Empire,

different uses of diplomacy and warfare in imperialism,

settler colonies and non-settler colonies,

use of economic imperialism,

Manifest Destiny in North America compared to the Great Game in Asia